COMALL has been supplying leading-edge solutions to the needs of a constantly evolving market since 1979, with experience gained from working with the world’s leading producers of aluminium sections. A modern company, at the technological state of the art, which has extended its operations from leadership in the processing system known as the multifunction tool or punching machine, to develop a complete line of innovative products for the machining of aluminium sections. As well as its high design and production quality standards, Comall offers the assurance of an exclusive service, from a firm that is what it seems: LEADER THROUGH ENTHUSIASM. 

Comall International has a history of high ethical standards, innovation, excellent service and attentiveness to the market’s needs, and it helped to maintain the reputation of Italian-made products abroad for decades. The company initially concentrated on its core business of punching machines, where it is one of the main players on the European market. Another very important market is that of workshop logistics, through the creation of the offering of the Logistic Line Systems brand products. Last by not least, the latest addition to the Comall range is the Silver Line, created to complete the Fom Group offering of machines with a product able to meet the needs of medium-small workshops, combining Italian quality with a competitive price.