TAB 100 M

Knurling machine with 6 motorised axes and NC control which saves the axis positions.


Technical characteristics:

•   Two motorised tool units with variable speed

•   Independent axis positioning

•   X and Y axis adjustments via 4 geared motors and ground ball screw.

•   Mobile rollers retracting beneath the table, allowing fitting of any shaped roller

•   Axes travel on straight guides with ball shoes

•   Tool inclination system, allowing them to be inclined by a maximum of 10° internally and 10° externally, taking the tool position perpendicular to the work surface as 0°

•   Working ranges: to take maximum profile 300 mm (width), distance between tools 234 mm (groove interspace), maximum profile height 290 mm

•   Fully protected working area: guard raised by 550 mm with gas springs, access to tools restricted with adjustable anti-intrusion system with profile shape memory

•   Excellent visibility of machining point

•   Bar forward-back control for tool positioning

•   Remote controls on control panel: adjusted axis switch, jog button for axis setting

•   Side pushers and fast manual positioning

•   Dimensions: 1790 h x 1680 x 805 mm, Weight 440 kg