TTK 550


Number of operators: 1-2

Approximate output: 40/50 bars/h 

Max bar processing length: 7.5 m

TKK 550 PLANT PRODUCTION LAYOUT (thermal strip bar insertion during knurling). Solution particularly suitable for small-medium outputs. Using just one knurling machine, it allows profiles to be produced in 2 consecutive steps. In step 1, one profile is knurled, with insertion of the 2 thermal strip bars; in the 2nd step, the second profile is knurled. When it leaves the knurling machine, it will be combined with the profile produced in the 1st step, ready for definitive assembly, which follows. The use of the bar storage unit downstream of the knurling machine allows more efficient organisation of production, especially on small production lots.

Production steps:

1 - Knurling of thermal strip bar seat on first profile and thermal strip bar insertion via special grippers at knurling machine exit. Knurling of second profile. Composition of two halves.

2 - Fixing of two halves and thermal strip bars via gradual pressure of the discs on the profile hammers.

3 - Performance of shear strength test on sample 100 mm long to test assembly quality.

Plant composition:

• Loading roller ways 2.4 m

• TAB 101 or as alternative TAB 100 or TAB 100 M

• TAB 300 knurling machine storage unit

• TAB 200 or as alternative TAB 200 M

• Assembly unit unloading roller way

• TAB 400 or as alternative TAB 400 M