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Length stop with driven electronic positioning

Roller table with positioning stop controlled by brushless motor and rack and pinion drive system. The patented length stop has a table sliding under the worktable, so that the reference is present in any state, and it can be disabled manually. When the roller table works in synergy with the sawing machine it is possible to transfer the cutting lists and management of a profiles archive with storage of the heights. Insertion of macros, input of simplified data for fixed angle machining is also possible, while “step by step” machining and paint and blade thickness correction is available on request. Electronic gauge, Bluetooth receiver and bar or QR code reader can also be supplied. The width of the support table is 200 mm.

Roller tables and stops

Comall loading and unloading roller tables are normally recommended to speed up single head sawing machine cutting processes. Loading and unloading roller tables can be fitted with stops for manual or powered electronic positioning. The electronic gauge with its wireless data connection is highly recommended as an accessory for the single head sawing machine.


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