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Liftable vertical bench

Liftable vertical bench with both retractable clamping bars
The right moving beam stops on a disk brake, thus ensuring perfect parallelism with the left fixed beam and, consequently between the two frame uprights. Allowed exit of the finished frame both on the left and on the right. Rollers made by galvanized steel anti-wear. It is possible to machine frames with a mechanical threshold or with a monobloc coextruded intrados. Easy insertion of the glazing clamping strip into the lower side. Max frame width: 3200 mm. Max frame height: 2500 mm. Max loading: 150 Kg. On demand extension for pressing high windows and extension lower roller conveyor.

Assembly and testing benches

The assembly and testing benches designed by Comall ensure production of perfect quality doors and windows within the required times.
Appropriate equipment allows quality standards to be maintained, minimising the number of exceptions relating to operator error.
Comall offers numerous solutions for every type of production and every level of automation, from the most basic benches all the way up to genuine automatic assembly stations.