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Variable angle end milling machine

Electro-pneumatic end mill for milling of any angle between 45° RH and 45° LH on aluminium and PVC profiles.
The patented profile placement system, with direct reference to the angle at which the profile itself has been cut, allows extremely precise results.
The ability to house mills of up to 175 mm and a tried-and-tested clamping system, allows challenging operations to be carried out on any type of profile.
The milling unit quick change device with pneumatic locking minimises machine stoppage times.


The wide range of Comall machine tools, manufactured in synergy with its parent company Fom Industrie, provides top-quality, precision solutions for door and window manufacturers. All Comall machine tools are manufactured in Italy and comply with European safety regulations.
All workshops created using Fom Group machines can be scaled up and easily integrated to meet the growing production needs of the end user.