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TTK 350

TTK 350

TTK 350

System for the production of thermally insulated profiles

The TTK 350 assembly line consists of a single knurling machine that guides the profile production process in two consecutive stages, a roll-forming machine, and conveyors that facilitate the movement and unloading of the processed components. The line is optimized for medium-low production, with the recommendation to employ two operators to ensure effective management.

The line efficiency and the unloading conveyors contribute to reducing downtime, overall enhancing production efficiency. In summary, this configuration provides a versatile and efficient solution, with active supervision from two operators to ensure proper control over operational phases.

Thermal break

The Comall thermal break range includes complete systems for the in-line production of thermal break profiles, knurling machines, assemblers and machines for the final testing of profiles.

Fom Industrie’s consolidated and highly valued thirty-year industrial project has provided a unique starting-point for the creation of this full range of machines for thermal break assembly.


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