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Electric bar lifter

Electric lifter to facilitate loading / unloading of bars by a single operator. Allows one end of the bar to be moved to be rested on the driven belt forming the transfer surface. The operator accompanies the manoeuvre by supporting the other end of the bar, moving approximately half the weight in optimum ergonomic conditions. The transfer surface is raised to the required height. At this point the driven belt is started, transferring the bar to be processed onto the machine’s loading table by lowering the transfer surface itself. Used to support sawing machines, machining centres, cutting lines, assembly lines for thermally broken profiles, etc..


The wide range of Comall machine tools, manufactured in synergy with its parent company Fom Industrie, provides top-quality, precision solutions for door and window manufacturers. All Comall machine tools are manufactured in Italy and comply with European safety regulations.

All workshops created using Fom Group machines can be scaled up and easily integrated to meet the growing production needs of the end user.

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